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When inspecting a home or other building, thoroughness is the name of the game. We will visually inspect every accessible part of the building, from the foundation to the roof. In addition, your inspection will include a variety of non-destructive testing with instruments designed to inform us about issues that are not apparent to the naked eye.


Some of the items that your inspection will include:

  • Roof & structure

  • Chimneys & fireplaces

  • Foundation & crawl space

  • Exterior and site

  • Attic, insulation & ventilation

  • Electrical system

  • Ceilings, walls, and floors

  • Windows and doors

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Garage

  • Plumbing system

  • HVAC (heating and cooling)

  • Inspection for wood-destroying insects and rot



We encourage you to attend your inspection if at all possible. There is no substitute for seeing things first-hand as your inspector explains the various issues and conditions discovered during the process. However, attendance is not required. If you are unable to attend, we will include photographs in your report where necessary to convey information to you.

If you will not be present at the inspection, you must receive, sign, and return to us a state-required contract prior to performance of the inspection.



Your Inspection Report


Each inspection report is a minimum of 16 pages, plus an additional 6 pages of state-required information, and 3 to 6 pages of Structural Pest (Pest and Dryrot) inspection report. Typically we will email your report to you within 24 hours of completing the inspection. The General Report and Structural Pest Report can sometimes be emailed or sent by standard mail the same day (standard mail requires an additional fee).

Your report may include photographs if the inspector feels that photos will be helpful to you in understanding a particular condition or situation. Photos will generally only show major discrepancies or conditions, and are therefore unnecessary for the majority of items. Nothing takes the place of our client personally viewing the situation as we clearly explain possible options to best address whatever the condition may be. If you are unable to attend the inspection, then a few extra photos may be our best option.

Our inspectors are very thorough and will include all items that are typically relevant for a house of similar type and age. This way you will have all of the information discovered by your inspector, and together we can determine best options for addressing any concerns that may arise. 

You will receive your report within 24 hours of inspection



Download a Sample Report





Just as real estate values vary from place to place, the cost of home inspections can vary as well. However, compared with the cost of your home itself, the price of an inspection is quite modest, and differences in pricing between various inspectors are relatively small. The important thing is to have a thorough, quality inspection performed by an experienced inspector before you buy or sell.

Our inspection prices begin at $395 for a small, newer home, such as a condominium. For a 20-year-old, 2,000-square-foot home, the inspection fee will be around $450, with larger and older homes costing somewhat more.

To schedule an inspection of your current or prospective home, contact Home Pro today.